June 23rd show, featuring EARTHQUAKE

No, seriously: I was on-air with the lovely Kara Strang from Bands Undone, chatting about the Polaris Long List, when, lo and behold, the earth starts a-movin’ under our feet. I just had to jump on the “omg-twitter-photo-video-audio” bandwagon and post that clip from today’s show here. (More actual content from today’s show — cut short! — to come.)

Listen closely and you can actually hear the rumbling in the studio, in the first 20 seconds or so. The noise at the end is the fire alarm going off in the sub-basement of Morisset Library, where the CHUO studios are on the U of O campus.

Now Playing, featuring The Earthquake (click to listen, right-click to save file)

More from today’s show (including a fantastic interview with Amanda Zelina from Toronto’s The Coppertone) up soon.


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