June 23rd show (pre-earthquake)

As I mentioned in the last post, last week’s show was cut short thanks to moving tectonic plates — but thankfully, we were able to complete a wonderful interview with Amanda Zelina from Toronto’s The Coppertone before any earthquake could intervene. To kick off the show, Kara Strang from the incredible Canteen Gallery-based project Bands Undone joined me in the studio to chat a little about why she loves what she does:

Kara Strang guest co-hosts Now Playing (click to listen, right-click to save file)

…and then hooked us up with an incredible interview with Amanda:

Amanda Zelina from The Coppertone on Now Playing (click to listen, right-click to save file)

Many thanks to Kara and Amanda. Oh, and the earthquake that cut our show short.

We were, however, lucky to squeeze some tracks in:

Wolf Parade – Palm Road
Hannah Georgas – Lovers Breakdown
Loon Choir – Bricks
The Coppertone – Hidden Dreams
Sally Seltmann – Harmony to My Heartbeat

Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 1pm when we spin some more awesome tracks!


2 thoughts on “June 23rd show (pre-earthquake)

  1. It was the strangest thing: after the interview with Amanda, I went to switch on ‘Harmony to My Heartbeat’ on my iTunes but it was already on the radio! Then there was an earthquake.

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