Just because there’s a lot to get excited about. (Updated with more excitement!)

Sure, Bluesfest is coming up — but there are some more incredible, non-Bluesfest-affiliated shows just around the corner too. I needed to post some listings up here — if for no other reason than to remind myself what I need to attend in the next few weeks.

  • Shapes and Sizes (Montreal) and Braids (also from Montreal, but originally Calgary) at Zaphod’s on Wednesday, July 21st (eight bucks, 8pm). [I’m digging Braids’ track “Lemonade” over at Hype Machine.]
  • Royal Canoe (Winnipeg), Giant Hand (Ottawa), and The Amalgamation (also Ottawa) at Zaphod’s the next day on Thursday, July 22nd (eight bucks, 8pm). [I don’t even know how to describe Royal Canoe, except that Me Loving Your Money sounds like your little brother’s mashed mix of squeaky-clean ska/punk/reggae, with some mellow guitar beats thrown in the middle. They also say “French pop” on their MySpace, which works. Essentially, awesome.]
  • Bravestation (Toronto), Loon Choir (Ottawa!), and Trevor James and the Perfect Gentlemen (Montreal) are playing at Cafe Dekcuf, also on the 22nd (eight bucks, 9pm). [Loon Choir is definitely a must-see live. These guys are earnest, hard-working rockers who set the stage on fire last time I saw them at Dekcuf. Do yourself a favour and listen to Woodlands and get out to this show.]
  • Old Crowns (Ottawa!) and Brett Caswell (Barrie) are back at the Elmdale Tavern on Friday, July 23rd (tickets and doors tba). [I know I talk about ’em a lot, but I really can’t stop spinning Keep Calm and Carry On.]
  • In-Flight Safety (Halifax) and Right By Midnight (Ottawa) at Zaphod’s on Monday, July 26th (ten bucks in advance, 8pm). [Currently loving Model Homes by those Maritimers… and I’ll be interviewing Right By Midnight for the July 14th show.]
  • Kele (of Bloc Party, from the UK) and Jessica 6 (Brooklyn) at the Capital Music Hall on Friday, July 30th (twenty bucks, 9pm). [The ticket price is higher but I’m impressed he’s making an Ottawa stop, with Toronto and Montreal as his only other Canadian dates. I spun Kele’s Tenderoni on last week’s show and definitely enjoyed the Brooklyn trio’s Fun Girl.]
  • Dog Day (Halifax) and Apollo Ghosts (Vancouver) at Raw Sugar Cafe on Thursday, August 5th (ten bucks, 8:30pm). [I’m rooting for Apollo Ghosts to at least make the Polaris Short List this Tuesday — they’re currently strengthening the B.C. contingent on the Long List — and can’t stop listening to Coca-Cola Admen.]
  • Forest City Lovers (Toronto) at Raw Sugar on Friday, September 17th (ticket price tba, 8:30pm). [Their latest album, “Carriage” was just released this past week and is worth checking out. Can’t help but smile at Light You Up.]

More happening that you know about and I apparently don’t? Drop me a line at nowplayingchuo [at] gmail [dot] com and spread the love. Also, look forward to this week’s show when I further dissect the actual Polaris Short List and spin some new tracks from some of the fabulous artists mentioned above. And — keep your eyes peeled to this space over the next week or so. I’m going to try to do a bi-weekly or monthly post of a few album reviews for both local and Canadian releases that are worth checking out.

As always, stay tuned.


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