Little City performs live in the studio: PART TWO of August 25th show recap

Take the Great Bloomers. Mix in some Forest City Lovers. Maybe a dash of Ohbijou and a little Kathleen Edwards, too. Somewhere, there, you have one of the best new bands coming out of Toronto, Little City: the perfect blend of upbeat folk-pop.

In town for a show at the Cajun Attic this evening (you know you’d better check it out), they swung by the CHUO studios to chat and play “Lincoln Learning French” off their debut EP, The Going and the Gone. Check it out:

And the live performance of “Lincoln Learning French”:

Find out more about the band (and check out some of their tracks) over at Oh, and fun fact: 2004 (season 2) Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter occasionally adds his violin skills to the band… and did so in the studio today. Pretty gosh-darn-cool. Don’t forget to check out their show tonight at the Cajun Attic and if you’re in Toronto on Saturday, ’tis the day of their official album release — happening at the Bread and Circus in Kensington Market.

Tune in next week when we spin some more awesomeness, including a very special Weekly Import — an interview with New Jersey’s Titus Andronicus.


“Take your shirts off when you play. It feels good.” Interview with Miaou Miaou – PART ONE of August 25th show recap

I know I say this often, but really — today was an incredible show.

What we spun (apparently “ou”-heavy, it seems):

Caribou – Sun
Siskiyou – Hold It In
Miaou Miaou – North Memphis
Michou – Eavesdropping
Little City – Rise Up
Land of Talk – Swift Coin

Vancouver two-piece Miaou Miaou — composed of hilarious guys Raph and Sean — were in town playing at the Elmdale Tavern last week and I got the chance to sit down with them and talk west coast music, touring Canada, and, uh, taking your shirt off while playing the drums.

They’re playing at Rancho Relaxo tonight in Toronto — if you happen to be there, you should check ’em out! Why not sidle over to their myspace, too — they’ve got a great, self-described “grunge-pop” sound.

And just wait for our next post: Toronto’s Little City also joined us in the studio today to chat and perform…

Just in case, you know, you didn’t know.

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Make sure to tune in this Wednesday at 1pm: Toronto’s Little City will be stopping by the studio to chat and play some music for us, plus we’ll be airing an interview with Vancouver’s Miaou Miaou from last week. CHUO 89.1 FM and, ladies and gents.

“Oh sh*t, we’ve put all this attention on clothes now”: Clothes Make the Man interview + August 18th show recap

FIRST OFF: go check out the updated listings page. Way exciting to see that so many awesome acts are making their way through Ottawa this October.

SECONDLY: here’s what we spun on the show yesterday:

Kathryn Calder – If You Only Knew
Giant Hand – Books
Balacade – Plate Glass Effect
Gramercy Riffs – Ambulance
These Estates – We Got Snakes
Clothes Make the Man – It’s Getting Easier
The Caraways – Fever
Bravestation – White Wolves
We Are Trees – Sunrise Sunset
Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

AND THIRDLY: We also got the chance to chat with Ryan Mclennan from Toronto’s Clothes Make the Man (but hey, some of their members are originally from Ottawa — further proving how awesome this city is). They’ll be hitting up Mavericks next Monday night, August 23rd, with Titus Andronicus (only thirteen bucks, doors are 8pm).

Ryan and I chatted about making it in Toronto, making it on Degrassi (oh yes, the TV show), and whether or not clothes really do make the man:

FOURTH-LY: This afternoon, I’ll be sitting down with Vancouver two-piece Miaou Miaou who are playing at the Elmdale Tavern tonight. You should check them out — and stay tuned for next week, when we bring you another lovely interview and many more fantastic tracks.

‘Til then, folks.

“Ottawa: keeping everyone grounded since…forever”: Rolf Klausener interview + August 11th show recap

Was — as always, yet again, etc. — super-psyched for the show today, as a) Rolf Klausener from The Acorn was dropping by in the second half and b) the Weekly Import, Pennsylvania’s Punchline, tweeted that we’d be spinning one of their tracks from their new album, “Delightfully Pleased” just before the show. Oh, and I stumbled upon even more amazing show listings.

And obviously snagged some great tracks to play:

Arcade Fire – Modern Man
Krista Muir – The Ride
Winchester Warm – Pardon
Punchline – Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want
Keek – It’s Love
Winter Gloves – I Can’t Tell You
The Wooden Sky – An Evening Hymn
Late July – Rewind
Tim Gilbertson – Beauty Queen
The Acorn – Kindling to Cremation
Royal Canoe – Dear June

Make sure to check out the listings page to find out when bands like Winter Gloves and The Wooden Sky are hitting up good ol’ O-town pretty darn soon (plus Stars, Young Galaxy, Yukon Blonde, The Besnard Lakes, Jason Collett, Basia Bulat… the list goes on!).

But back to business. Hometowns, friends, and excitement on the horizon with The Acorn’s frontman…

Rolf Klausener from The Acorn:

And oh yes, that indeed is a lovely new music player. Thanks to Nick (via Travis) for telling me about SoundCloud.

Many thanks to Cheryl at Ottawa Tonite for hooking up the Rolf bit — and hey, you should really check out the coverage over there of this weekend’s Folk Festival (yours truly just may be pitching in).

“We were having too much fun, basically.” In-studio interview with hotshotcasino, August 4th.

The University of Ottawa deserves a little more credit.

No, I’m not talking about the administration, or campus politics, or academics. I’m talking about some of the best talent in the city — and trust me, there’s a lot of it in this city — because apparently, this campus has become an indie rock goldmine, a pop-rocker’s paradise. Don’t believe me? Think back to the now-disbanded For The Mathematics. Check out the recently-transplanted-to-Toronto trio The Balconies. And you sure as hell had better give hotshotcasino a listen.

One half of the hometown rock quartet, Pascal Huot and Julien Dussault, dropped by the CHUO studios on August 4th to chat about their new single (available through their website), their upcoming fall tour (their first!) and YouTube videos made in hot tubs.

Pascal and Julien from hotshotcasino (click to listen, right-click to save file)

Be sure to give “This City” a spin — and we’ll definitely be keeping you posted on what these guys are up to.

“Proof that amazing music can come from the prairies.” August 4th show recap

I’m pretty sure this may be the most excited I’ve been for a show — at least as far as playlists go. The pure gold we spun this week (thanks, in part, to figuring out how to connect my laptop to the console and an amazing selection of albums in the CHUO new release library):

Hot Hot Heat – Goddess on the Prairie
hotshotcasino – This City
Gramercy Riffs – Silent Walls and Siren Calls
Polymaths – Home Again
Florence and the Machine – You’ve Got the Love (The XX remix)
Crush Buildings – Blueteeth
Apollo Ghosts – Land of the Morning Calm
Best Coast – Boyfriend
Bent By Elephants – Can’t Have You
Royal Canoe – Fabulous Mess
Wolf Parade – Two Men in Tuxedos

And yessir, we added a new feature this week, too: the Mix/Mash of the Month. Every month, we’ll spin a great remix or mashup of an already fantastic song — definite ear candy. This week’s was The XX remix of the Florence and the Machine cover of You’ve Got the Love. Weekly Import this time around was LA’s Best Coast.

I’ll also be posting today’s interview with Pascal and Julien from Ottawa’s own hotshotcasino shortly — in the meantime, go support these guys and snag their new single, “This City,” released today.