“Take your shirts off when you play. It feels good.” Interview with Miaou Miaou – PART ONE of August 25th show recap

I know I say this often, but really — today was an incredible show.

What we spun (apparently “ou”-heavy, it seems):

Caribou – Sun
Siskiyou – Hold It In
Miaou Miaou – North Memphis
Michou – Eavesdropping
Little City – Rise Up
Land of Talk – Swift Coin

Vancouver two-piece Miaou Miaou — composed of hilarious guys Raph and Sean — were in town playing at the Elmdale Tavern last week and I got the chance to sit down with them and talk west coast music, touring Canada, and, uh, taking your shirt off while playing the drums.

They’re playing at Rancho Relaxo tonight in Toronto — if you happen to be there, you should check ’em out! Why not sidle over to their myspace, too — they’ve got a great, self-described “grunge-pop” sound.

And just wait for our next post: Toronto’s Little City also joined us in the studio today to chat and perform…


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