Last week’s Titus Andronicus interview — and an important announcement.

Hey y’all. As it so often happens, real life got in the way and made it harder to get to the computer to post an update from last week’s show.

Who am I kidding? This show is my life.

But that’s not the point. The point is, here’s the Titus Andronicus interview from a couple weeks ago when the Glen Rock, New Jersey indie-punk quintet were playing at Mavericks with Free Energy and Clothes Make the Man. While Free Energy was finishing up their sound check, we snuck into that awkward passageway/alleyway off Rideau Street to chat about their latest album and what they think about the Great White North.

And as for the announcement? Now Playing won’t be airing this week — that’s Wednesday the 8th — but have no fear, we’ll be back in action the week after (the 15th!) with a great interview from Ottawa’s own Sound of Lions.

And hey — to make up for it, I may just have to post some audial awesomeness over the next week. Stay tuned.


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