Look-forwards! Halloween weekend + new music next Tuesday

Hey kidlets — we’ll be getting this week’s playlist out to you shortly, but in the meantime, we figured we’d let you know some of the shenanigans going down this weekend and some new music releases to look forward to next Tuesday.

  • CE SOIR (or, “tonight” for those who don’t like to speak the occasional Franglais) Diamond Rings and PS I Love You are at the Raw Sugar Cafe on Somerset at 8:30pm. If you’re looking to stick to the market, you can catch a slew of local acts — Ornaments, New Teeth, and The Ticket — at the Live Lounge at 8pm. Both shows are ten bucks or less, which is awesome.
  • TOMORROW NIGHT Vancouver’s Dan Mangan (aka the guy whose albums you should already own and have listened to for the last trillion months) is playing at the First Baptist Church on the corner of Elgin and Laurier with Toronto’s Harbourcoats (members from The Constantines, Snailhouse, and Bell Orchestre). Doors at 7pm. Now, I’m terrified tickets are sold out (because I don’t have mine yet!) — I can’t confirm this, but Ticketweb seems to be sold out and when I went to the Record Shaap last weekend, I was told they no longer had any. Hmmmm.
  • ALSO TOMORROW NIGHT if Dan Mangan isn’t your thing (but he’s everyone’s thing!) or if you can snag tickets (a much better excuse) The Ataris — yes, the Boys of Summer cover guys — are playing at Ritual with We Outspoken at 7pm.

And as for CD releases — look for new stuff from Matt & Kim and Destroyer to hit shelves next Tuesday. Go out and support local, independent record stores! Check out one of the two Compact Music locations on Bank, Vertigo Records on Rideau, or the Record Shaap on Gilmour (at Elgin).

Whether you’re celebrating All Hallow’s Eve or not, have a good weekend!


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