Our contest winner + exciting news!

Many thanks to everyone who entered our Right By Midnight ticket giveaway — the lucky winner was Ryan, who got to check out the show last Saturday at Zaphod’s. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled here and on our Twitter feed — @nowplayingradio — for more contests and giveaways coming up soon!

And now for some EXCITING NEWS: I’m thrilled to announce we’ll be having some fantastic artists visit the CHUO studios soon for both an interview and a live studio performance, and we’ll be kicking this off with The Mountains and the Trees from St. John’s, Nfld.! Jon Janes + co. will be performing at the Black Sheep Inn this weekend and will be swinging by the CHUO studios beforehand — you guys can look forward to hearing a chat + stripped-down performance airing Wednesday, December 8th.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we near the end of 2010… and be sure to tune into CHUO 89.1 FM this Wednesday at 1pm for some more killer spins!


Nov. 24 show rundown [Right By Midnight interview to come!]

Many thanks to Kris and Charles from Right By Midnight for not only visiting the CHUO studios and sittin’ down for a chat, but also for giving us two tickets to their show at Zaphod’s this Saturday night that we’re able to give to one lucky listener/reader! Click here for more info.

As for tracks this week, we spun:

Radio Radio – Dekshoo
Jesse & The Dandelions – Where the Wild Things Are
Jenn Grant – Dreamer
Hooded Fang – Younger Days
Dave Norris & Local Ivan – I Met Yer Ghost
Andy Swan – Come to the Island
Right By Midnight – Ocean (in like the waves)
Ketch Harbour Wolves – Bonfire of the Vanities
The High Dials – Uruguay
Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds – Float Away
Dinosaur Bones – Ice Hotels

No Weekly Import this week, but it’ll return next week — and boy oh boy, will there be exciting news next week… stay tuned!

Ticket giveaway!

I’m really excited to announce that Now Playing is holding its first ticket giveaway! Thanks to the great guys of Right By Midnight, we’ve got two tickets to their show this Saturday, November 27, at Zaphod’s. All you need to do is post a comment below that mentions the best show you’ve ever seen at Zaphod’s (or, hey, if you haven’t been to Zaphod’s yet, talk about the best show you’ve ever been to).  I’ll randomly choose a winner by Friday! Please leave your email address so I can contact you. Good luck!

So I really like The Mountains & The Trees and The Details, okay? Nov. 17 show rundown

I can’t help it. I just got my hands on the St. John’s, NL singer’s latest album “I Made This For You” and the Winnpeg group’s The Original Mark EP, which was just released yesterday. So, naturally, I had to play ’em again. Along with some other great acts:

Bravestation – Colour Us With Youth
Jenocide – Street Rhythm
The Coast – Heartbreak City
Bahamas – Already Yours
The Mountains & The Trees – The Times
Steven McKay – Restore Me
Belle & Sebastian – I Want The World To Stop [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Chris Artonik – Roll With It
Christina Maria – Carolina
The Details – Surface Breaks
Sarah Harmer – The Thief
David Vertesi – All Night, All Night, All Night
F&M – Bell’s Own Desire
The Wilderness of Manitoba – Golden Beets
Old Crowns – Hems

So, this week — if you’re looking for awesome upbeat electronic pop, definitely check out Jenocide. And as for more acoustic lovin’, head on over to our Local Listings page to find more details about this weekend’s Bahamas show.

‘Til next week!

Acoustic lovin’. Or just general awesomeness lovin’. – Nov. 10 show recap

The killer beats from today’s show, ladies and gents:

Meligrove Band – Bones Attack!!!
Rich Aucoin – PUSH
Random Recipe – Without You
Kathryn Calder – A Day Long Past Its Prime
Gianna Lauren – Nightmares
The Mountains & The Trees – More & More & More
Two Door Cinema Club – Kids [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Diamond Rings – All Yr Songs
Feed The Birds – Bees
Winter Gloves – Glow in the Dark
Owen Pallett – A Man With No Ankles
Whale Tooth – Sleepwalking
Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few – Tailored to Fit
Shelley O’Brien – Generous Waters
Siskiyou – Never Ever Ever Ever Again
Elvyn – The Decline

Don’t forget — you can check out the Meligrove Band TONIGHT at Mavericks, playing with Ruby Coast and The Gallop (hometown love!). Ten bucks in advance, 8pm doors. Facebook event is here.

We’ve also got some exciting stuff in the works… but more on that later. ‘Til next week, fellow music lovers!

Nov. 3 show recap

Tons of fab new electro-alt-pop-rock in this week’s show:

Politique – Meet Me Afterdark
Shapes and Sizes – I Need an Outlet
The Modern Men – Lipstick Kiss
Hot Panda – Start Making Sense
Diamond Rings – You and Me
Luke Doucet and the White Falcon – Monkeys
Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix) [MIX/MASH OF THE MONTH]
Chromeo – Hot Mess
Black Mountain – Old Fangs
First Aid Kit – When I Grow Up (Fever Ray cover) [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Jim Bryson and the Weakerthans – Constellation
Olenka and the Autumn Lovers – Go
The Acorn – Brokered Heart

Look for more exciting stuff this week — Wednesdau, Nov. 10 — as I gush about some MORE superexciting shows coming up next month (hint: it’s a very vague hint, but there is some east coast awesomeness coming our way. That, and TOKYO POLICE CLUB is returning in January, SCORE.)

See you next week!