“I just love Ontario, I truly enjoy this province.” – The Mountains & The Trees LIVE at CHUO + Dec. 8th show rundown

On his last day of touring, the afternoon before his last show of the year at the Blacksheep Inn in Wakefield, Jon Janes — aka The Mountains & The Trees — hung out with some of us at the CHUO studios, chatted, performed a couple songs, chatted some more… he even played an impromptu cover of Bahamas’ “Already Yours” (also posted below, thanks to Lenny for the recording). Point is, Janes is a great guy and we were thrilled to host him in the studio for a few hours. (And many thanks to Ming, too, for snapping some photos.)

Check out the interview, plus some of the live songs below:

The Mountains & The Trees – interview

The Mountains & The Trees – More & More & More

The Mountains & The Trees – Goodbye Little Town

BONUS – The Mountains & The Trees – Already Yours (Bahamas cover. Yes, that’s me gushing a few seconds in — thanks again to Lenny for recording it in the hallway outside the CHUO studios!)

If you want to purchase the latest full-length release from The Mountains and the Trees, “I Made This For You” — named one of Exclaim’s top 10 folk albums of 2010 — check out the digital release on Bandcamp, where Jon is selling the album on a pay-what-you-can basis and will be donating all proceeds to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Awesome stuff.

And, of course, can’t forget all the tracks we played:

Modern Superstitions – Go-Between
Mathias Mental – Heart Attack
Winter Gloves – Invisible
Azure Ray – Make Your Heart [WEEKLY IMPORT]
The Record Holder – Perfect Drunk
Extra Happy Ghost!!! – Sympathy for the Moron
The Mountains and the Trees – Goodbye Little Town (Live at CHUO)
The Mountains and the Trees – More & More & More (Live at CHUO)
Little City – Hard to See
Jane Vain and the Dark Matter – That Night
The Golden Dogs – Underwater Goldmine
Flora Poste – In the Open
Jenocide – 2 Hot 2 Hold

Thanks again to Jon, Ming and Lenny, and especially Tom and the team at CHUO for helping to make this all happen. Stay tuned for some more awesomeness coming up next week!


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