We’re back! (after bit of a hiatus, apparently…) Jan. 26th show rundown

A handful of killer Canadian releases have just dropped over the last week or so: today we spun some new Jenn Grant, Destroyer, The Olympic Symphonium, and even Hey Rosetta! (who will release Seeds on February 15.)

Jenn Grant – Walk Away
Ladner – Learning By Doing Stupid Things
Michael Rault – You Can Leave It If You Want To
Dragonette – Take It Like A Man
Two Hours Traffic – No Advances
Destroyer – Savage Night at the Opera
Hey Rosetta! – Yer Spring
The Olympic Symphonium – Settle Down
Jeremy Fisher – All We Want Is Love
Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Wolf Parade – Ghost Pressure
Andrea Simms-Karp – Lone Picture
The Withering Pines – Kate or Katherine
Deadhorse – Big Blew Sky

Of the artists we played this week, Hey Rosetta!,Jenn Grant and Ottawa’s own The Withering Pines are all playing shows soon — not to mention Dragonette, who will hit up Babylon tomorrow night! Check our recently updated show listings over on our “Local Listings” page for more info.

‘Til next week!


January 5th (!) show rundown

Oh man, it’s a new year. What better way to kick it off with an aptly titled song?

Ohbijou – New Years
Wildnerness Years – Prison Yard Single
The Jon Cohen Experimental – Brain Pollution
Loon Choir – Woodlands
The Order of Good Cheer – Shake it Shirtless
Type Monkey Type – Birthday Cake
Stornoway – Fuel Up [WEEKLY IMPORT]
David Vertesi – Learn To Run
Thomas – Don’t Think, Just Hate
Higher Rites – Roto
The Russian Futurists – One Night, One Kiss
Courier News – Do I Dare?
Beekeeper – Table and Bed

Quick post for today, but don’t forget to check out our updated local listings! ‘Til next week.