“I’m going to need to take a nap” – Feb. 9 show rundown

Many thanks to Pascal (from hotshotcasino) for swinging by to chat about his latest project, New Grammar — you can check out and download all of his killer tracks right over here!

Speaking of killer tracks, here’s what we spun today:

Young Galaxy – We Have Everything
Michael Rault – Call Me on the Phone
Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans – Decidedly
Suuns – Organ Blues
Zachary Lucky – Town to Town
New Grammar – Flower Shower
New Grammar – The Tea-Master & the Assassin
Tucker Finn – Vertical Road Trip
Wildlife – When I Get Home
Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Little Scream – Heron and the Fox
The Hood Internet – Sprawl of Glass [MIX/MASH OF THE MONTH]

And be sure to head on over to the local listings page, too — not only are there some great shows happening this weekend, but new RAA and Young Galaxy shows just got announced! Yes, I know! Check it out.


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