I’m excited about Hey Rosetta! — are you?! Feb. 16 show rundown

I’m so excited, I had to spin a track off their new album, Seeds, which was just released this past Tuesday — and I had to mention this Saturday’s concert again. Yes, folks, it’s sold out — but you never know what happens if you pay close enough attention to Twitter or Kijiji — you never know where you can find tickets! And hey, if you can’t go this Saturday, well there are a slew of awesome shows coming up for which tickets are still available — click on “Local Listings” up on the right-hand side, there, and go have some fun.

Speaking of fun, we played a whole lotta fun tracks today:

Hey Rosetta! – Welcome
The Liptonians – Hey! Hey! Help Is On Its Way Now!
Spring Breakup – It’s Not Me, It’s You
Meligrove Band – Make Believe It
Jenn Grant – Oh My Heart
Cowboy Junkies – Wrong Piano
The Peptides – For Those Who Hate Each Other
New Grammar – Calling Card
Shotgun Jimmie – Late Last Year
Noah and the Whale – Wild Thing [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Mother’s Children – Shaky Sue
Wildlife – Drunken Heart
Harlan Pepper – Little Miss Sunshine
Kit Wilson-Yang – Why Go Out A Killin?
My Dad Vs Yours – Hip to Hip

If anyone out there is hitting up the Rich Aucoin show on Friday or the Hey Rosetta! show on Saturday, leave a comment — maybe I’ll see you there! Happy live-music-ing this weekend, folks.


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