The mysterious show rundown that never appeared – flashback to March 23rd

I knew something was missing here. Just in case you tuned into the show from two weeks ago and was like, wait, hey, what did they play that day? (Rhyme completely intentional.) We also had an interview with Kalle from Kalle Mattson on that show, too — we’ll try to get that online sooner than later, too!

Dream Jefferson – Vampyroteuthis
Chikita Violenta – All I Need’s A Little More
Geoff Burner – The Victory Party
Phantom Shores – Walking in the Night
Hey Rosetta! – Bricks
Crimes in Paris – Tonight
Kalle Mattson – A Deepened End
Kalle Mattson – Singing Knives
The Wilderness – Triste
Austra – Lose It
Friends Electric – Big City Nights
Little Scream – Cannons

Also, you can look forward to a live session with Ottawa’s Phantom Shores this week! Heading into the studio today to record ’em — be sure to tune in this Wednesday at 1pm to catch it!


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