So many awesome upcoming June releases. May 18th show rundown.

Was thrilled, as always, to spin some sweet new tunes on the airwaves this week, including:

Junior Boys – Banana Ripple
Raleigh – Tunnel Vision
Dog is Blue – Southern Ontario
All of The Above – Feather
Austra – Darken Her Horse
Snailhouse – I Never Woke Up
The Balconies – Kill Count
City and Colour – Fragile Bird
Kalle Mattson – Covered It All
Bon Iver – Calgary
My Dad vs Yours – En Plein Soleil

And hey — a bunch of these acts are making their way through the nation’s capital soon, so be sure to check out our Local Listings page to find out when and where you can catch some of this sweet, sweet Canadian music.

AND ALSO: we’re still selling our fabulous digital compilation, the SUB-BASEMENT SESSIONS, over at Bandcamp to raise money for CHUO — help us out and make a donation today!

AND LASTLY — and I’m super excited about this — we’ll return to live radio next Wednesday, May 25th, folks! Be sure to tune in as I have no doubt there will be live shenanigans to be had… or at the very least, more fantastic music.

‘Til then!


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