“He was singin’ in the choir.” – Nov. 23 show rundown, featuring Kalle Mattson!

We’ve had the Kalle Mattson boys on the show previously, but this time around was especially a treat as it was lovely to see familiar Ottawa faces in the big city of Toronto. KM is currently wrapping up a tour with The Details (who — surprise! — will be joining me on next week’s show) and their last joint show is in the nation’s capital tomorrow night. But earlier this week, I got to chat with Kalle, Rory, Théan, Kyle and JF (yup, the last two are “newbies”) about skipping class to tour Ontario, garnering thousands of hits from around the world on their rad stop-motion music video, and catching each other falling asleep in the car.

Listen to an edited version of the show below, or right-click here to download.

And the tracks they picked to spin (well, minus their own to start the show, which I selected):

Kalle Mattson – The Shore
The Wooden Sky – Call If You Need Me
Wilco – Black Moon [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Olenka and the Autumn Lovers – Motel Blues
The Darcys – Shaking Down The Old Bones
Doug Paisley – No One But You

So don’t forget: they’re playing Zaphod’s tomorrow with Winnipeg indie-rock quartet (and also pals of the show) The Details. And in case you’re like me, wanting to support practically every band playing in the city tomorrow night and are willing to bounce between downtown venues, you should also absolutely check out more pals of the show The Elwins, playing at the Avant Garde Bar with Behind Sapphire and Acres of Lions; The Darcys, Amos the Transparent, and Trevor James and the Perfect Gentlemen at the Live Lounge; and BA Johnston and Wax Mannequin at Irene’s Pub on Bank (more info about all of these over on our Ottawa listings page).

I know. It’s ridiculous. Ridiculous in the best way. Undeniable proof that awesome things happen in Ottawa. So get out there and support local and Canadian music folks — there’s absolutely no excuse not to.


“Ragu in the mouth!” – Nov. 16 show rundown, featuring The Elwins!

They all like pie, they all like Tokyo Police Club, and they all are just chock-full of talent: The Elwins, Toronto’s de-facto poster boys for the city’s independent music scene, survived a blown tire on the highway to meet me in a Yorkville pub to hang out and put together a killer show for this week. We talked about their summer camp tour, their Movember project (and general affinity for making awesome Youtube videos) and their plans for the next little while. They also hand-picked a slew of great tunes (I stuck the TPC in there, myself, for good measure):

The Elwins – Stuck in the Middle
Bran Van 3000 – Astounded
Islands – J’aime Vous Voire Quitter
Tokyo Police Club – Gone
Dr. Ew – Let’s Make It Legitimate
Zeus – Are You Gonna Waste My Time
The Heavy Blinkers – Try Telling That To My Baby
T H O M A S – Triumph

The Elwins wanted to snap a photo together: of course I couldn't resist. Matt, Travis, Feurd, yours truly, and Chris.

You can download the podcasted version of the show (sans most music — so it goes, folks!) here or stream it below:

The Elwins will join more great friends of the show, Old Crowns, for a show at the Piston in Toronto TONIGHT with Jane’s Party — and for our Ottawa listeners out there, they’ll be at the Avant Garde Bar with Behind Sapphire on Saturday, November 26th (check out our Ottawa Listings page for more info). Be sure to check them out — you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to tune in week, when we’ll be joined once again by a fantastic band in downtown Toronto — keep your eyes peeled to our Twitter feed to find out who!

Rundown: Nov. 9 show, featuring hotshotcasino!

I was thrilled to have the boys from hotshotcathedral hotshotcasino join me in the good ol’ four-one-six the weekend before last. I feel like they brought little pieces of the capital city with them: stories about the U of O campus, updates on great shows happening in the market… all of that jazz. Toss in some deep discussions about the looming end of the world, “doctors of love,” and a documentary appearance, and you’ve got the episode of Now Playing Radio that aired Nov. 9. In the hours leading up to their first Toronto show in months, Pascal, Gregg, Julien and Seb each picked a couple of songs to play and I tossed in a few more recent tracks for good measure:

Kalle Mattson – The Shore
Hotshotcasino – Ghosts
James and Blackburn – Loose Leaf
Newkid – Thunderbirds
We Are The City – Astronomers
Brasstronaut – Slow Knot
The Fast Romantics – Cool Kid

And to celebrate this fabulous new show format — more interviews with bands that aren’t just run-of-the-mill interviews, folks! — I’m posting a podcasted, slightly shortened version of the show RIGHT HERE for your listening pleasure. This episode features one full-length song as well — download and enjoy our conversations mixed in among the sweet sounds of Toronto-by-way-of-Ottawa’s James and Blackburn, or stream ‘er right here:

And in more super-thrilling news: on this week’s show, Toronto’s THE ELWINS join me to not only spin some sweet tunes lovingly picked out by Matt, Feurd, Travis and Chris, but we also chat about how they spent their summer (playing summer camps!) and I press them on which dessert is best. Be sure to tune in this Wednesday at 1pm EST to find out the result of our heated cake versus pie debate (if you’re in Ottawa, you can tune in to 89.1 on the FM dial; livestream anywhere in the world via CHUO.FM by clicking right here). ‘Til then!

Oct. 26th show rundown (that re-aired this past week!)

While round two of an unfortunate cold took away any remaining voice I had to record a new show, re-airing the Oct. 26th show at least allowed us to re-air some more awesome music again. And if nothing else? We’ve got some sweet, sweet shows coming up over the next few weeks… read on for more info!

What we (double-)spun:

The Coppertone – Last Goodbyes
Belgrave – Distance
Paper Lions – Lost The War
Dan Mangan – Starts With Them, Ends With Us
Grey Kingdom – Haunted
Inlet Sound – The Peculiar Disappearance of Marion Bojangles
Right By Midnight – Hey Rialto (don’t forget: you can help these guys fundraise for their new album here)
Kathryn Calder – Who Are You?
The Darcys – Shaking Down The Old Bones
Dave Norris and Local Ivan – Alma Mater
Arkells – Bloodlines
Hey Rosetta! – Seventeen

Coming up this week: great friends of the show hotshotcasino were in town this weekend and graciously gave me a hand in co-hosting the show. No, really – they picked out songs and everything. Tune in this Wednesday at 1pm, CHUO 89.1 FM in Ottawa or online at chuo.fm. And keep your eyes peeled for yet another exciting announcement, about next week’s show…