“He was singin’ in the choir.” – Nov. 23 show rundown, featuring Kalle Mattson!

We’ve had the Kalle Mattson boys on the show previously, but this time around was especially a treat as it was lovely to see familiar Ottawa faces in the big city of Toronto. KM is currently wrapping up a tour with The Details (who — surprise! — will be joining me on next week’s show) and their last joint show is in the nation’s capital tomorrow night. But earlier this week, I got to chat with Kalle, Rory, Théan, Kyle and JF (yup, the last two are “newbies”) about skipping class to tour Ontario, garnering thousands of hits from around the world on their rad stop-motion music video, and catching each other falling asleep in the car.

Listen to an edited version of the show below, or right-click here to download.

And the tracks they picked to spin (well, minus their own to start the show, which I selected):

Kalle Mattson – The Shore
The Wooden Sky – Call If You Need Me
Wilco – Black Moon [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Olenka and the Autumn Lovers – Motel Blues
The Darcys – Shaking Down The Old Bones
Doug Paisley – No One But You

So don’t forget: they’re playing Zaphod’s tomorrow with Winnipeg indie-rock quartet (and also pals of the show) The Details. And in case you’re like me, wanting to support practically every band playing in the city tomorrow night and are willing to bounce between downtown venues, you should also absolutely check out more pals of the show The Elwins, playing at the Avant Garde Bar with Behind Sapphire and Acres of Lions; The Darcys, Amos the Transparent, and Trevor James and the Perfect Gentlemen at the Live Lounge; and BA Johnston and Wax Mannequin at Irene’s Pub on Bank (more info about all of these over on our Ottawa listings page).

I know. It’s ridiculous. Ridiculous in the best way. Undeniable proof that awesome things happen in Ottawa. So get out there and support local and Canadian music folks — there’s absolutely no excuse not to.


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