SONG OF THE WEEK: Crissi Cochrane, “I Won’t Try To Break Your Heart”

This may be the one song that has melted my cold, late-January heart as Valentine’s Day creeps closer. Currently based in Windsor, Crissi Cochrane has been enjoying some airplay on CBC Radio 3 as of late — precisely where I first caught wind of this lovely song. Best enjoyed with a bowl of Lucky Charms on a sunny weekday morning. It’ll ensure you have a good day.

Crissi Cochrane – I Won’t Try To Break Your Heart

Listen if you like: Hannah Georgas, Jenn Grant circa Honeymoon Punch, those candy hearts with the messages on them.


SONG OF THE WEEK: John K. Samson, “When I Write My Master’s Thesis”

We’re back! Back with a vengeance and a better understanding of time management. Yes, we’ll be doing songs of the week instead of songs of the day… just seems a bit more feasible, doesn’t it? In other “not biting off more than we can chew” news, we’re not going to attempt to keep Toronto show listings updated (there are just so many, all the time!) but rather re-direct you to some fantastic listings and venues sites. Head on over here to check it out.

Also, we’ll be back in radio action this week with our “highly anticipated” end-of-2011-review review show — yes, you read that correctly — where we’ll share some of the highlights from our four-hour mega show from Dec. 28. That’ll cap off our sleepy January as we gear up for an incredible next few months (several guests already in the works for February shows, and dare I start talking about CMW already?).

But for right here, right now: a slightly more well-known artist for today’s track of the day. The Weakerthans frontman John K. Samson releases his solo album “Provincial” today and if you’re currently in Toronto, I’d strongly suggest heading over to Soundscapes tonight for an intimate in-store performance at 7pm. If you’re reading this from the nation’s capital, however, fear not — Samson will be touring in March, visiting Ottawa on the 8th for a show at Mavericks and returning to Toronto for a show at the Great Hall during CMW.

John K. Samson – When I Write My Master’s Thesis

Be sure to tune in to the show tomorrow at 1pm EST on or CHUO 89.1FM in Ottawa!

SONG OF THE DAY: Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, “Hoshi Neko”

Montreal/Toronto “noh-wave” duo Yamantaka // Sonic Titan only released their debut LP YM//ST a couple of months ago and are already gaining significant buzz. (Yes, you’ve probably heard this track on CBCR3 before.) Self-described as “Asian Diasporic psychedelic noh-wave opera group fusing noise, metal, pop and folk music into a multidisciplinary hyper-orientalist cesspool of ‘eastern’ culture in giant monochrome paper sets” … well, there isn’t much more to say.

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – Hoshi Neko

Listen if you like: the thought of rocking out to tight, Chinese-opera-infused prog-pop.

Added bonus: they’re playing in Toronto at the Garrison on the 28th, and may be making the rounds to Ottawa in the near future. Stay tuned!


New feature on Now Playing! SONG OF THE DAY – Little City, “Sperry”

To shake off our post-holiday blues, we’re starting up a new feature we hope will bring some audial awesomeness into your day — every day. You won’t have to wait until every Wednesday to hear sweet new spins as our new SONG OF THE DAY daily post will deliver fresh new Canadian music right to your virtual doorstep.

We’re kicking off the second day of 2012 with a new track from Toronto’s Little City (you may have heard them on the show previously) who will be releasing a new 7″ on January 24th. “Sperry” is the A-side of the record, which you can stream via the link to their website below (though they’ve also set it up so you can download it on their Facebook page).

Little City – Sperry

Listen if you like: Ohbijou, swelling violins, powerful female vocals, majestic images of ships.

And hey: if you happen to be in Toronto on January 21st, they’re having a release party with Rival Boys and fellow pals of the show The Elwins!

Also: many thanks to all of you who tuned in for our four-hour mega-show last Wednesday. We’ll be replaying some highlights this week and next, and will also absolutely be podcasting/posting some of said highlights right here very soon. Show playlist also to come (and if you won something, don’t worry — we haven’t forgotten and will be in touch soon!).