New feature on Now Playing! SONG OF THE DAY – Little City, “Sperry”

To shake off our post-holiday blues, we’re starting up a new feature we hope will bring some audial awesomeness into your day — every day. You won’t have to wait until every Wednesday to hear sweet new spins as our new SONG OF THE DAY daily post will deliver fresh new Canadian music right to your virtual doorstep.

We’re kicking off the second day of 2012 with a new track from Toronto’s Little City (you may have heard them on the show previously) who will be releasing a new 7″ on January 24th. “Sperry” is the A-side of the record, which you can stream via the link to their website below (though they’ve also set it up so you can download it on their Facebook page).

Little City – Sperry

Listen if you like: Ohbijou, swelling violins, powerful female vocals, majestic images of ships.

And hey: if you happen to be in Toronto on January 21st, they’re having a release party with Rival Boys and fellow pals of the show The Elwins!

Also: many thanks to all of you who tuned in for our four-hour mega-show last Wednesday. We’ll be replaying some highlights this week and next, and will also absolutely be podcasting/posting some of said highlights right here very soon. Show playlist also to come (and if you won something, don’t worry — we haven’t forgotten and will be in touch soon!).


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