SONG OF THE WEEK: Matt Paxton, “Shore Pine Walk”

We’re a little late on our pick this week, but better late than never, right? Hamilton singer-songwriter Matt Paxton (who’s over at Other Songs Music Co., home of another recent favourite of ours, Scott Orr — who also produced this song) released the single “Shore Pine Walk” just a few weeks ago — and I’ve already completely fallen in love with it. Best enjoyed on the iPod while walking by the water’s edge. If there are no appropriate shores in sight, it makes for a mighty fine late February night soundtrack. Oh, and guess what? It’s available for a free download.

Matt Paxton – Shore Pine Walk

Listen if you like: The Acorn’s Tin Fist EP; Graham Wright’s Lakes of Alberta EP; well-produced acoustic tracks that keep up a good beat; going for long, introspective walks on your own.

Stay tuned for our podcasted shows from the last few weeks, featuring Waterloo’s Will Currie and the Country French and Ottawa’s Fevers!


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