March 21st show rundown with Papermaps, JUNOfest weekend and new SONG OF THE WEEK!

CMW may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the action has stopped — no, siree. This weekend is JUNOfest in Ottawa, which means terrific acts from Ottawa and everywhere else in this fine country will be packing the city’s venues tonight and tomorrow night, in advance of the actual JUNO awards on Sunday night. We weren’t able to set up our own show rundown, HOWEVER if you head over here, you’ll see info for every show, complete with times, venues and lineups — and you’ll likely recognize many artists from right here on Now Playing Radio. We encourage you to head out and soak up as much incredible music action as you can!

We’ll post the rundown from this week’s LIVE show a little later on, but for now, feel free to check out more info about our funding drive right over here. We’re just about at our halfway mark and still have PLENTY of terrific prizes left! Get in touch if you’d like to get your hands on some goodies — we’d love your support!

So back to the March 21st show! Here’s what we spun:
Rich Aucoin – P:U:S:H
Doldrums – Parrot Talk
Wildlife – Matches
Dream Jefferson – Vampyroteuthis
The Darcys – Peg
Brett Caswell & The Marquee Rose – L.O.V.E.
Papermaps – Reunion
The Elwins – Larry Pastorus
Adam & the Amethysts – Prophecy

Of course, we also got to talk to the wonderful Dean Marino of Toronto band Papermaps, who are actually playing in Ottawa TONIGHT at Zaphod’s with Fire + Neon and Aardwulf — tickets are $6 and doors are at 8pm! Check out our chat below (right-click to download):

And funny that Dean had mentioned working with Tokyo Police Club and The Elwins previously, as a rad new little project between some of their members + pals cropped up earlier this week, a song from which just had to be our SONG OF THE WEEK this last week of March. GSJF effectively stands for Graham (Wright, of TPC and solo endeavours), Spencer (MacEachern, of The Fabulous Yawn), Joe (Manzione, who, among other projects, has played in Wright’s Good Times Band), and Feurd (of The Elwins) and the group quietly released a free, six-song digital EP that they recorded themselves over the course of a day — just this past Monday, in fact.

I spun a track on the show this week and haven’t been able to stop listening to the jangly, acoustic goodness ever since. “Messages” in particular, a tune by MacEachern, is infectious with its honesty, lyrical simplicity, and adorable vocal-backed and jingle-bell laden percussion. I can’t help but think it could be featured on the indie-fanatic soundtrack of a Diablo Cody lovelorn-romantic-comedy flick.

GSJF – “Messages”

Listen if you like: stripped-down, simple and honest indie tuneage; percussion punctuated by jingle bells and “ba-ba-ba”s; any of those acts mentioned above, seeing at folks from them are part of this.

Be sure to download the entire EP — it’s free and absolutely worth it. Until next week — enjoy JUNOfest if you’re in Ottawa!


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