About Now Playing

Whether you’re in Ottawa or Toronto, your local music scene is alive and well and Now Playing is here to tune into the music buzz you need to get excited about. Featuring interviews with local bands in both cities, stripped-down performances by your favourite artists, and the latest and greatest in Canadian music, Now Playing keeps your music supply fresh — and your ears happy — week after week.

Currently recorded in Toronto and hosted by Emma Godmere, Now Playing airs every Wednesday from 1pm to 2pm EST on Ottawa’s only bilingual campus community radio station, CHUO 89.1 FM. Listening outside of Ottawa? You can stream the station live online at CHUO.FM.

Want even more up-to-the-minute updates? Or want to drop us a line with comments/questions/tips? Find Now Playing on Facebook or on Twitter at @nowplayingradio, or you can send an email to emma [at] nowplayingradio [dot] com.