An end… but also some beginnings!

Hey folks — yesterday marked our last regular weekly show on CHUO FM. It’s been an incredible three (!) years, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of the University of Ottawa’s campus/community radio station, who are seriously some of the best people around. Thanks also to all of the bands who have taken part in our live and prerecorded shows and sets over the years, and most certainly to you, the listeners, who’ve shared in all of this with us!

But even though Now Playing will no longer be a weekly show on CHUO anymore, we’re not going away entirely! How could we possibly? We’ll still be contributing regularly to CHUO in the form of interviews from new and emerging artists from across the country who are touring through Toronto and Ottawa, and we’ll likely still be using this space (and our Twitter, and our Facebook page) to talk about new music we’re digging and shows we’re promoting (hint: we’re throwing one with Fevers, Adaline, and Techromancer in Toronto at the Garrison on May 3rd!) You can also hear me (Emma) on CBC Radio 3 occasionally, and you can also catch me on Twitter raving about plenty of music, too.

So while we’re figuring out these next steps (there are some more visual interview ideas up our sleeves, too… mmm), stay tuned to this page and our other social media outlets, too. And most importantly? Keep sending us your music! Bands, labels, kindly press folk: even if we’re not able to get back to you right away, we’re still paying attention to what’s comin’ our way. Especially if you’re planning to play Ottawa and/or Toronto soon, drop us a line at emma [at] nowplayingradio [dot] com — we’re looking to know who’s coming through these cities (or maybe you’re already based in these cities?) and who’s got new music up their sleeves. We look forward to still hearing from you guys.

And for readers and listeners: if you’ve got some ideas about what you’d like to see, get in touch too. We’re still working out our next steps, but we’re looking forward to ’em.

Catch you on the flip side.