“We were having too much fun, basically.” In-studio interview with hotshotcasino, August 4th.

The University of Ottawa deserves a little more credit.

No, I’m not talking about the administration, or campus politics, or academics. I’m talking about some of the best talent in the city — and trust me, there’s a lot of it in this city — because apparently, this campus has become an indie rock goldmine, a pop-rocker’s paradise. Don’t believe me? Think back to the now-disbanded For The Mathematics. Check out the recently-transplanted-to-Toronto trio The Balconies. And you sure as hell had better give hotshotcasino a listen.

One half of the hometown rock quartet, Pascal Huot and Julien Dussault, dropped by the CHUO studios on August 4th to chat about their new single (available through their website), their upcoming fall tour (their first!) and YouTube videos made in hot tubs.

Pascal and Julien from hotshotcasino (click to listen, right-click to save file)

Be sure to give “This City” a spin — and we’ll definitely be keeping you posted on what these guys are up to.


“Proof that amazing music can come from the prairies.” August 4th show recap

I’m pretty sure this may be the most excited I’ve been for a show — at least as far as playlists go. The pure gold we spun this week (thanks, in part, to figuring out how to connect my laptop to the console and an amazing selection of albums in the CHUO new release library):

Hot Hot Heat – Goddess on the Prairie
hotshotcasino – This City
Gramercy Riffs – Silent Walls and Siren Calls
Polymaths – Home Again
Florence and the Machine – You’ve Got the Love (The XX remix)
Crush Buildings – Blueteeth
Apollo Ghosts – Land of the Morning Calm
Best Coast – Boyfriend
Bent By Elephants – Can’t Have You
Royal Canoe – Fabulous Mess
Wolf Parade – Two Men in Tuxedos

And yessir, we added a new feature this week, too: the Mix/Mash of the Month. Every month, we’ll spin a great remix or mashup of an already fantastic song — definite ear candy. This week’s was The XX remix of the Florence and the Machine cover of You’ve Got the Love. Weekly Import this time around was LA’s Best Coast.

I’ll also be posting today’s interview with Pascal and Julien from Ottawa’s own hotshotcasino shortly — in the meantime, go support these guys and snag their new single, “This City,” released today.

June 2nd show recap

First episode of Now Playing? Total success. The badass tracks we spun:

The Acorn – Restoration
The Black Keys – Everlasting Light
Wintersleep – Baltic
Great Bloomers – Find My Way
Broken Social Scene – Romance to the Grave
Dala – Dream a Little Dream of Me
Lisa Bozikovic – The Letting Go
Born Ruffians – Sole Brother
The National – Sorrow
Young Rival – Got What You Need
The Acorn – Misplaced

And, okay. You may be wondering why you don’t see a podcast. Well, considering that the majority of this show was music (as may be the case with some future shows), it’s kinda sticky to be posting podcasts of those puppies. I’ll be posting the complete playlist from every show in its place…. and yes, audio of all the interviews! Oh yeah, did you hear who was going to be on next week? Connor Mercury from The Anybody will stop by to play a few songs in-studio from his recent self-released album Let It Damn Well Hurt before he heads to the Cajun Attic for his pay-what-you-can, 9pm show, and we’ll also be talking to Ottawa sextet Loon Choir in anticipation of their Thursday, June 10th show at Cafe Deckuf.

Gonna be a sweet one — so sweet, we’re setting aside two hours for it. Tune in online via chuo.fm or spin that old-time dial to 89.1 FM next Wednesday at 1pm.

‘Til then!

Upcoming shows and upcoming show

I’ll likely get excited over these all over again on the “official launch” of the show this Wednesday, but might as well spread the joy now: there are some truly awesome shows coming this way over the course of June. A sampling (updated, as Steve St. Pierre reminded me about Old Crowns’ vinyl release party — I knew I wasn’t going to remember everything):

  • Lisa Bozikovic and Ferriswheel at Raw Sugar Cafe on Friday, June 4th (eight bucks, 8:30pm)
  • The Anybody at The Cajun Attic on Wednesday, June 9th (pay-what-you-can, 9pm)
  • Rah Rah, Loon Choir + more at Cafe Dekcuf on Thursday, June 10th (seven bucks, I’ll guess 8pm)
  • Library Voices + more at Mavericks on Thursday, June 17th (ten bucks, 8pm)
  • Old Crowns + Jonathan Chandler (from Amos the Transparent) at Canteen on Sunday, June 20th (free admission, 3pm)
  • Born Ruffians, Young Rival + more at Mavericks on Thursday, June 24th (thirteen bucks, 9:30pm)
  • Great Bloomers + more at Cafe Dekcuf on Friday, June 25th (ten bucks, 8pm)

Obviously, there are so many more — and undoubtedly more to be added — and I’ll do my best to keep up the buzz over the next few weeks.

Speaking of buzz, there are also some great releases coming out this week that I will be spinning on Wednesday (excitement!). Get ready for some long-awaited new Born Ruffians and The Acorn tracks, among others, at 1pm this Wednesday on CHUO 89.1 FM.

‘Til then!

Welcome to Now Playing’s online home!

Look at that: you’ve stumbled upon the online home of Now Playing, CHUO 89.1 FM’s newest show that features the latest and greatest in local and Canadian music and culture. The show is so new, in fact, it hasn’t even been launched yet.

This site — nowplayingchuo.wordpress.com — will feature weekly playlists and podcasts, so you can catch up on any show you miss. Any shows or venues I mention on-air, too, will be listed here so you can get all the details you need.

But hey, mark your calendars! Now Playing officially launches on Wednesday, June 2nd at 1pm on CHUO 89.1 FM. Plans are still in the works for guests and playlists for the first few weeks, but you can bet there’s a lot of excitement hitting Ottawa this month.

So excited, you can barely handle it? You can set up the live stream in your iTunes right now by clicking here, or follow us on Twitter by heading over here. Make sure to tune in next Wednesday at 1pm for all the fantastic hoopla.