Rundown: Nov. 9 show, featuring hotshotcasino!

I was thrilled to have the boys from hotshotcathedral hotshotcasino join me in the good ol’ four-one-six the weekend before last. I feel like they brought little pieces of the capital city with them: stories about the U of O campus, updates on great shows happening in the market… all of that jazz. Toss in some deep discussions about the looming end of the world, “doctors of love,” and a documentary appearance, and you’ve got the episode of Now Playing Radio that aired Nov. 9. In the hours leading up to their first Toronto show in months, Pascal, Gregg, Julien and Seb each picked a couple of songs to play and I tossed in a few more recent tracks for good measure:

Kalle Mattson – The Shore
Hotshotcasino – Ghosts
James and Blackburn – Loose Leaf
Newkid – Thunderbirds
We Are The City – Astronomers
Brasstronaut – Slow Knot
The Fast Romantics – Cool Kid

And to celebrate this fabulous new show format — more interviews with bands that aren’t just run-of-the-mill interviews, folks! — I’m posting a podcasted, slightly shortened version of the show RIGHT HERE for your listening pleasure. This episode features one full-length song as well — download and enjoy our conversations mixed in among the sweet sounds of Toronto-by-way-of-Ottawa’s James and Blackburn, or stream ‘er right here:

And in more super-thrilling news: on this week’s show, Toronto’s THE ELWINS join me to not only spin some sweet tunes lovingly picked out by Matt, Feurd, Travis and Chris, but we also chat about how they spent their summer (playing summer camps!) and I press them on which dessert is best. Be sure to tune in this Wednesday at 1pm EST to find out the result of our heated cake versus pie debate (if you’re in Ottawa, you can tune in to 89.1 on the FM dial; livestream anywhere in the world via CHUO.FM by clicking right here). ‘Til then!


WOAH, it’s apparently been a while. At least for the blog.

Well hey there, folks. Apparently the hustle and bustle of Toronto city life has kept me from posting the most recent playlists up here — but have no fear, I’ve resolved to return to such regularity this week (and obviously provide alliteration where possible). To make up for this apparent drought, we’ve finally uploaded some of the last few live sessions from CHUO, which I’m happy to share with y’all here.

The guys from Hooded Fang stopped by for our last live show in Ottawa, which was a real treat. Mico Mazza, our pal from the Ivory Antenna, snapped some sweet photos of the set, too:

April and Dan from Hooded Fang at the CHUO studios in Ottawa.

D. Alex from Hooded Fang at the CHUO studios in Ottawa.

Lane, Lorna, and Nick of Hooded Fang at the CHUO studios in Ottawa.

Hooded Fang – (All I Have To Do Is) Dream (cover) – Live on air at the CHUO studios, July 2011

Hooded Fang – ESP – Live on air at the CHUO studios, July 2011

And of course, must plug the lovely local lads from hotshotcasino, who joined us for one of our last prerecorded sets at CHUO:

hotshotcasino – Kids – Live at CHUO

And as always, tune in this week for the latest and greatest in Canadian music! Wednesday, 1pm,

“There’s almost more sexual tension than in Twilight.” Live set and interview with hotshotcasino, aired March 2nd

Gregg, Pascal, and Julien from Ottawa’s own hotshotcasino also stopped by the studios this week to talk about everything they’ve been up to (since the last time we talked with Pascal and Julien, back in August):

They also played a couple of great new songs, including Astounding Science Fiction:

…And “Monkey Suicide.”

Many thanks again to the three of ’em — and don’t forget, you can catch the band at Cafe Nostalgica tomorrow night, Friday the 4th, for FREE! Doors are at 8pm. Get out there and support killer local music, folks.

March 2nd show rundown [chats + sets to come]

What a totally awesome way to kick off the month. Today’s show features interviews and live sessions with Toronto’s Hooded Fang (who will be back in town May 1st, opening for The Rural Alberta Advantage at Ritual) and Ottawa’s own hotshotcasino (who are playing a FREE show at Cafe Nostalgica this Friday) — all of which will be posted online later today! (Be sure to check back, as we’ll included the full interviews + some live tracks that didn’t make it into the show.)

All in all, we played:

Land of Talk – Color Me Badd
Honheehonhee – Intro: My Lips, Your Voice [more about ’em]
Scott Orr – Dreaming in Red [pay-what-you-can for his new album here]
Hooded Fang – Den of Love (Live at CHUO)
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Heart in Your Heartbreak
Yukon Blonde – Wind Blows
hotshotcasino – Astounding Science Fiction (Live at CHUO)
hotshotcasino – Monkey Suicide (Live at CHUO)

And don’t forget: Land of Talk, Yukon Blonde, and hotshotcasino are all playing this weekend — head over to our local listings page for more info! And check back here later for the live tracks. ‘Til then!

“We were having too much fun, basically.” In-studio interview with hotshotcasino, August 4th.

The University of Ottawa deserves a little more credit.

No, I’m not talking about the administration, or campus politics, or academics. I’m talking about some of the best talent in the city — and trust me, there’s a lot of it in this city — because apparently, this campus has become an indie rock goldmine, a pop-rocker’s paradise. Don’t believe me? Think back to the now-disbanded For The Mathematics. Check out the recently-transplanted-to-Toronto trio The Balconies. And you sure as hell had better give hotshotcasino a listen.

One half of the hometown rock quartet, Pascal Huot and Julien Dussault, dropped by the CHUO studios on August 4th to chat about their new single (available through their website), their upcoming fall tour (their first!) and YouTube videos made in hot tubs.

Pascal and Julien from hotshotcasino (click to listen, right-click to save file)

Be sure to give “This City” a spin — and we’ll definitely be keeping you posted on what these guys are up to.

“Proof that amazing music can come from the prairies.” August 4th show recap

I’m pretty sure this may be the most excited I’ve been for a show — at least as far as playlists go. The pure gold we spun this week (thanks, in part, to figuring out how to connect my laptop to the console and an amazing selection of albums in the CHUO new release library):

Hot Hot Heat – Goddess on the Prairie
hotshotcasino – This City
Gramercy Riffs – Silent Walls and Siren Calls
Polymaths – Home Again
Florence and the Machine – You’ve Got the Love (The XX remix)
Crush Buildings – Blueteeth
Apollo Ghosts – Land of the Morning Calm
Best Coast – Boyfriend
Bent By Elephants – Can’t Have You
Royal Canoe – Fabulous Mess
Wolf Parade – Two Men in Tuxedos

And yessir, we added a new feature this week, too: the Mix/Mash of the Month. Every month, we’ll spin a great remix or mashup of an already fantastic song — definite ear candy. This week’s was The XX remix of the Florence and the Machine cover of You’ve Got the Love. Weekly Import this time around was LA’s Best Coast.

I’ll also be posting today’s interview with Pascal and Julien from Ottawa’s own hotshotcasino shortly — in the meantime, go support these guys and snag their new single, “This City,” released today.