March 14th show rundown, CHUO funding drive update, and SONG OF THE WEEK: Amos the Transparent, “Sure As The Weather”

On last week’s show, we were all too thrilled to share with you the JUNOfest lineup, which had just been announced the night before! In celebration, we spun (some very fresh) tracks from artists both local and from elsewhere who’ll be taking over the city the weekend after next:
Fevers – The Rapture
Camp Radio – Turn Up The Radio
Loon Choir – Spiral
Kalle Mattson – Water Falls
The Rural Alberta Advantage – North Star
Hollerado – Got To Lose
Amos the Transparent – Sure As The Weather
The Deep Dark Woods – All The Money I Had Is Gone
The Love Machine – Love Is On Your Side
The Balconies – Kill Count
The Glass Chain – La Ville
Phantom Shores – Walking in the Night

Some of these bands also happen to be playing CMW this week in Toronto — but more on that in an upcoming post and on tomorrow’s show!

I was thrilled to finally play that Amos the Transparent track, as I’ve personally been enjoying it for the last few weeks. Their adorable one-take music video for the track actually came out a while ago, but has been enjoying more recent buzz and I’ve been pleased to hear the song featured often on CBC Radio 3. So it’s about time that we featured these local heroes here.

Amos the Transparent – Sure As The Weather

Listen if you like: alt-rock with taste of folk; deep yet radio-friendly tunes smothered in layers of banjo, lap steel, violin and plenty of swelling guitars; supporting Ottawa acts; the way kids draw butterflies and rainbows in just that perfect way that makes you smile.

Check out the video for “Sure As The Weather” below, and you can snag the track for yourself on iTunes.

And in more great local news — it’s CHUO FUNDING DRIVE time again! We’re doing a DONATE-AND-DRAW, and here’s how it works: donate to the station’s funding drive through Now Playing Radio and you’ll be entered in a draw to win some terrific swag. But the best part about this draw? EVERYONE walks away with something. Some of our prizes so far include:

  • a copy of Kathryn Calder’s latest album, “Bright and Vivid”
  • a copy of “Awake, You Sleepers!” from Will Currie + The Country French
  • a copy of HONHEEHONHEE’s debut, “Shouts”
  • a signed copy of Graham Wright’s “Shirts vs Skins”
  • a copy of The Elwins’ “And I Thank You”
  • some sweet t-shirts from our friends at File Under: Music
  • and PLENTY more!

If you’d like to make a donation to support campus/community radio and enter your name to win one of these great prizes, please email with your name, mailing address, and your pledge. (And if you’re a band who’d like to donate to the draw, we’d love your support!)

Be sure to tune into tomorrow’s show at 1pm on when we chat with Dean from terrific Toronto band Papermaps, who’ll be playing at Zaphod’s with Fire + Neon and Ornaments on Friday, March 30th, PLUS we’ll be talking more about the CHUO funding drive AND we’ll be previewing some of the hip-happenings planned here in Toronto for Canadian Music Week!



“We call him Paco the Taco Monster.” Chat with hotshotcasino and first FUNDING DRIVE SHOW, May 4th show rundown

Our first of two CHUO FUNDING DRIVE shows featured a lovely chat with Pascal, Gregg and Mark from Ottawa’s own hotshotcasino and some great Canadian tracks:

Dream Jefferson – Westminster Abbey
Long Long Long – Sure, Sometimes You Win
Library Voices – Haunt This House
Phantom Shores – Sunken Treasure
Matthew Barber – Ring Upon Your Finger
Polymaths – To See And Be Seen
Evening Hymns – Mtn. Song
The Guest Bedroom – Thread
Elliott BROOD – Northern Air

You can also listen to our chat with the boys:

And even a short piece that, er, made it to the cutting room floor. You’ll see why:

There was also more excitement this week: we’ve released our SUB-BASEMENT SESSIONS, a compilation of live sessions recorded at CHUO, featuring The Mountains & The Trees, Woodpigeon, Kalle Mattson and more! To get your hand on it, you only need to visit our Bandcamp site, and make a donation — minimum donation is $5 and we encourage you to pay-what-you-like. All funds will go to CHUO’s 2011 funding drive, so you can not only feel good that you’ve got your hands on some excellent tracks… but you can also feel great that you’re supporting community radio. Spread the word!

Llama farms and sailors – Phantom Shores live at CHUO & April 6th show rundown

Many thanks again to local folks Phantom Shores for stopping by the CHUO studios this weekend — Craig, Celeste, Renee and Dave were a pleasure to have on the show. Like I said earlier, on-air: if you took The Deep Dark Woods, added a little bit of Ohbijou, sent them to the east coast and had ’em rock out a bit more, you’d get Phantom Shores. If you didn’t get a chance to catch their set on air today, check out the individual tracks below. (Update: in case you missed it on-air, Phantom Shores is indeed made up of former members of Jetplanes of Abraham — for any of you fans out there wondering what some of ’em were up to!)

Phantom Shores – Walking in the Night, live at CHUO

Phantom Shores – The Night Watch Patrol, live at CHUO

Phantom Shores – Great Bind, live at CHUO

And of course, what we spun:

The Acorn – Crossed Wires
Dora Alexander – Marlboro Friday
Behind Sapphire – Big Steps
White Sea – Mountaineer
PS I Love You – 2012
My Dad vs Yours – Ghost Horse
Phantom Shores – Walking in the Night (Live at CHUO)
Phantom Shores – The Night Watch Patrol (Live at CHUO)
The Lindbergh Line – Dame City
Phantom Shores – Great Bind (Live at CHUO)

Don’t forget, some killer shows happening this weekend! Go do yourself a favour and click on the Local Listings link up in the top, right-hand corner, there.

The mysterious show rundown that never appeared – flashback to March 23rd

I knew something was missing here. Just in case you tuned into the show from two weeks ago and was like, wait, hey, what did they play that day? (Rhyme completely intentional.) We also had an interview with Kalle from Kalle Mattson on that show, too — we’ll try to get that online sooner than later, too!

Dream Jefferson – Vampyroteuthis
Chikita Violenta – All I Need’s A Little More
Geoff Burner – The Victory Party
Phantom Shores – Walking in the Night
Hey Rosetta! – Bricks
Crimes in Paris – Tonight
Kalle Mattson – A Deepened End
Kalle Mattson – Singing Knives
The Wilderness – Triste
Austra – Lose It
Friends Electric – Big City Nights
Little Scream – Cannons

Also, you can look forward to a live session with Ottawa’s Phantom Shores this week! Heading into the studio today to record ’em — be sure to tune in this Wednesday at 1pm to catch it!