We’re back in action! Jan. 23rd show rundown

Dearest listeners — it feels great to be back, fresh with a new episode for 2013. A new year heralds new singles, new releases, new tour dates… which, naturally, means plenty of fresh new music right here week after week from some of your favourite Canadian artists — and some soon-to-be-favourites. It also means presenting you a fresh new look here on the web, which we hope you keep checking back and checking out as we get back into the groove of posting interviews, playlists, and more.

Speaking of playlists, here’s what we spun on today’s show (links take you to the show listings we mentioned on air!):

Luke Lalonde – Red Wagon
The Acorn – Crossed Wires
Evening Hymns – Broken Rifle
Blue Hawaii – Try To Be
The Dirty Nil – Verona Lung
Michael Rault – Lay Right Down And Die
Camp Radio – Murder On My Skin
Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen
Young Rival – Don’t Make A Sound
Tegan & Sara – Now I’m All Messed Up
The Sadies – Another Year Again
Vampire Weekend – I Think Ur A Contra

Missed the show? No sweat! CHUO has set up on-demand episodes so you can catch up anytime! Check ’em out right here.

‘Til next week!



SONG OF THE WEEK: Silkken Laumann, “On The Mend”

I know what you’re thinking — but no, it’s not the Olympic medalist we’re talking about here. Rather, Silkken Laumann is the electro-pop alter-ego outfit of Rolf Klausener and Pat Johnson of The Acorn and Adam Saikaley (of CBC Radio and independent endeavours). They released this single just yesterday, with a music video to boot, and the song can be all yours for a minimum donation of a dollar — the trio is donating proceeds to Ottawa’s Royal Mental Health Centre. So not only will the track make you feel good as you’re strolling down sleet-y February streets, but you’ll feel great knowing you’re supporting something important in the national capital community.

Silkken Laumann – On The Mend

Listen if you: enjoy any other electro-dance sounds coming out of Ottawa right now, a la Fevers and The Glass Chain; want some smooth synth beats you can digest during the day; have always wanted to dance to Rolf Klausener’s vocals but normally preferred listening to The Acorn while sitting down.

And hey, Ottawa: lucky for you, you can catch these guys at Ritual next Wednesday as they open for YACHT. Hit up Show Listings for more details.

Llama farms and sailors – Phantom Shores live at CHUO & April 6th show rundown

Many thanks again to local folks Phantom Shores for stopping by the CHUO studios this weekend — Craig, Celeste, Renee and Dave were a pleasure to have on the show. Like I said earlier, on-air: if you took The Deep Dark Woods, added a little bit of Ohbijou, sent them to the east coast and had ’em rock out a bit more, you’d get Phantom Shores. If you didn’t get a chance to catch their set on air today, check out the individual tracks below. (Update: in case you missed it on-air, Phantom Shores is indeed made up of former members of Jetplanes of Abraham — for any of you fans out there wondering what some of ’em were up to!)

Phantom Shores – Walking in the Night, live at CHUO

Phantom Shores – The Night Watch Patrol, live at CHUO

Phantom Shores – Great Bind, live at CHUO

And of course, what we spun:

The Acorn – Crossed Wires
Dora Alexander – Marlboro Friday
Behind Sapphire – Big Steps
White Sea – Mountaineer
PS I Love You – 2012
My Dad vs Yours – Ghost Horse
Phantom Shores – Walking in the Night (Live at CHUO)
Phantom Shores – The Night Watch Patrol (Live at CHUO)
The Lindbergh Line – Dame City
Phantom Shores – Great Bind (Live at CHUO)

Don’t forget, some killer shows happening this weekend! Go do yourself a favour and click on the Local Listings link up in the top, right-hand corner, there.

Last show of 2010! Dec. 29th show rundown

Many thanks to the awesome Jon Cohen of The Jon Cohen Experimental for phoning in for a chat on today’s show — we should hopefully get the audio from that soon and post ‘er here. Don’t forget, you can check him out when he comes to Ottawa early in the new year — he’s hitting up the Avant Garde Bar on Thursday, January 6th, only $6 cover. Check out his site for more info. Update: Jon also tells me the first 20 people in the door will also get a free copy of their sophomore album, Behold. Definitely another awesome reason to go check out the show.

But yes, today’s show was also dedicated to some of my own favourite + top tracks of 2010 — but with a twist. My list focuses more on Canadian artists who may have been neglected from other best-of-2010 lists, and also spotlights some fantastic local acts who released some killer full-length albums and EPs this year. You can’t deny it: 2010 has been the best year yet for Ottawa’s music scene.

Here’s what we spun on the show:

Olenka & The Autumn Lovers – Odessa
Meligrove Band – Really Want It
Little City – Lincoln Learning French
Tokyo Police Club – Favourite Colour
The Acorn – Misplaced
Diamond Rings – Something Else
The Jon Cohen Experimental – Hold the Fire
Broken Social Scene – All to All
Great Bloomers – Small Town Love
The Love Machine – Love is On Your Side
Old Crowns – Shaky Hands
Sound of Lions – Passive Attack
Gramercy Riffs – Dreaming

And man. Here’s my “had I more time, I would have also played” list:
Land of Talk – Quarry Hymns
Loon Choir – New Forewarnings
Basia Bulat – Heart of My Own
Promise Land – Hooded Fang
Rah Rah – Breaking Hearts
Kathryn Calder – If You Only Knew

Alas. An hour can be so restrictive.

And while I didn’t get a chance to mention it on-air, we’ll be extending the EP giveaway! Still the same set-up: tell me what your favourite Canadian album of 2010 is and you could win a copy of The Details’ The Original Mark EP. Comment below or shoot me an email at emma [at] nowplayingradio.com.

‘Til… the new year!

December 15th show rundown [Kalle Mattson set/interview to come!]

I should first note that I mentioned multiple times — including at the beginning of the show — that I would provide deets on The Details’ EP giveaway… and then promptly failed to do so. Oh, the restrictions of a mere hour of radio. Tell you what, readers/listeners — I’ll post a whole blog entry dedicated to the giveaway before the end of the week, have no fear.

We’ll post the Kalle Mattson live tracks and interview a little later today, but for now, here’s what we spun on the show:

Imaginary Cities – Hummingbird
Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk – Lady in the Yellow Dress
Phono D’Enfant – I Was Stung
The Acorn – No Ghost (Diamond Rings remix)
Rebekah Higgs – Drunk Love
Modern Field Recordings – Make a Life
Kalle Mattson – Shattered Minds (Live at CHUO)
Kalle Mattson – Singing Knives (Live at CHUO)
The Jon Cohen Experimental – Behold
Ketch Harbour Wolves – Photograph
Lovers – Figure 8 [WEEKLY IMPORT]

Stay tuned for the Kalle Mattson live tracks — and our Details EP giveaway! ‘Til then.

Nov. 3 show recap

Tons of fab new electro-alt-pop-rock in this week’s show:

Politique – Meet Me Afterdark
Shapes and Sizes – I Need an Outlet
The Modern Men – Lipstick Kiss
Hot Panda – Start Making Sense
Diamond Rings – You and Me
Luke Doucet and the White Falcon – Monkeys
Dragonette – Easy (Fabian Remix) [MIX/MASH OF THE MONTH]
Chromeo – Hot Mess
Black Mountain – Old Fangs
First Aid Kit – When I Grow Up (Fever Ray cover) [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Jim Bryson and the Weakerthans – Constellation
Olenka and the Autumn Lovers – Go
The Acorn – Brokered Heart

Look for more exciting stuff this week — Wednesdau, Nov. 10 — as I gush about some MORE superexciting shows coming up next month (hint: it’s a very vague hint, but there is some east coast awesomeness coming our way. That, and TOKYO POLICE CLUB is returning in January, SCORE.)

See you next week!

It’s all about the groove. The Golden Isles interview + Sept. 22 show recap

Montreal’s The Golden Isles were in town last week to play the awesome Avant Garde Bar (so awesome, in fact, that one of the two fellas I interviewed, Adam, was inspired to make a wonderfully descriptive monologue during the interview) and I got a chance to sit down with one third of the band (make that two members, Adam and Richard) to chat about what brought them together, what the Montreal scene is like, and their first time bringing their tour to Ottawa.

As always, we spun some sweet tracks this week, too:

Wintersleep – Preservation
Bend Sinister – Jimmy Brown
Library Voices – Party Like it’s 2012
Karkwa – Les Chemins de Verre
Owen Pallett – Midnight Directives
Tim Gilbertson – Holga 120’s
The xx – Night Time (Weekly Import – ’cause since we played 2010 Polaris winners Karwka, we had to play the 2010 UK Mercury Prize winners, too)
Noah – Mannequin
The Acorn – Kindling to Cremation (Megafun remix)
The Golden Isles –  Don’t Tell Me
The Eatons – One More Night
Dan Mangan – Tina’s Glorious Comeback

Be sure, sure, sure to check out our Local Listings page as some badass shows are just around the corner (Winter Gloves, anyone?) — in fact, a bunch of the artists we spun today are making their way to Ottawa soon. Just whom, you ask? Well you’ll just have to head on over to the listings page. Do it.

Get out and see some shows, folks — support local and Canadian music. ‘Til next week!

“Ottawa: keeping everyone grounded since…forever”: Rolf Klausener interview + August 11th show recap

Was — as always, yet again, etc. — super-psyched for the show today, as a) Rolf Klausener from The Acorn was dropping by in the second half and b) the Weekly Import, Pennsylvania’s Punchline, tweeted that we’d be spinning one of their tracks from their new album, “Delightfully Pleased” just before the show. Oh, and I stumbled upon even more amazing show listings.

And obviously snagged some great tracks to play:

Arcade Fire – Modern Man
Krista Muir – The Ride
Winchester Warm – Pardon
Punchline – Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want
Keek – It’s Love
Winter Gloves – I Can’t Tell You
The Wooden Sky – An Evening Hymn
Late July – Rewind
Tim Gilbertson – Beauty Queen
The Acorn – Kindling to Cremation
Royal Canoe – Dear June

Make sure to check out the listings page to find out when bands like Winter Gloves and The Wooden Sky are hitting up good ol’ O-town pretty darn soon (plus Stars, Young Galaxy, Yukon Blonde, The Besnard Lakes, Jason Collett, Basia Bulat… the list goes on!).

But back to business. Hometowns, friends, and excitement on the horizon with The Acorn’s frontman…

Rolf Klausener from The Acorn:

And oh yes, that indeed is a lovely new music player. Thanks to Nick (via Travis) for telling me about SoundCloud.

Many thanks to Cheryl at Ottawa Tonite for hooking up the Rolf bit — and hey, you should really check out the coverage over there of this weekend’s Folk Festival (yours truly just may be pitching in).

Two Ds from Winnipeg: July 28th show recap

A low-key show today? Perhaps. But that doesn’t mean the music was any less awesome:

Stars – I Died So I Could Haunt You
The Details – The Original Mark
Departures – Being There
Hey Rosetta! – Black Heart
Nightwood – Gretta at a Window
Wintersleep – A Long Flight
Blitzen Trapper – Below The Hurricane (This week’s Weekly Import.)
Tokyo Police Club – Favourite Food
The Acorn + Ohbijou – Darcy
Broken Social Scene – World Sick

Yeah, The Details and Departures are from Winnipeg. I like alliteration, okay? Also, I talked about some exciting new shows that have been announced: Wintersleep, The Besnard Lakes, and Hey Rosetta! are all playing various dates at the Capital this October, and Broken Social Scene will be playing the Bronson Centre in December! Advance tickets for that show are available at galleryac.com. Check out more show listings via our brand-spanking-new listings page.

‘Til next week! Though I’m sure there’ll be new, awesome stuff to talk about before then.

June 9th show recap (now with audio links!)

Our second show boasted two hours of delicious local and Canadian music. The playlist:

Dinosaur Bones – Point of Pride
The Anybody – San Francisco
Born Ruffians – What To Say
Dukes of Burgundy – Talking Backwards
The Balconies – Serious Bedtime
Sloan – Believe in Me
Band of Horses – Infinite Arms
Forest City Lovers – Minneapolis
The Acorn – Crossed Wires
The Tanuki Project – Playground
Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed
Apollo Ghosts – Brown to Grey
The Anybody – Basement Blues
Loon Choir – New Forewarnings
Rah Rah – Arrows
Right By Midnight – Best Way Home
Loon Choir – Vis a Vis

We also had some great interviews with Connor Mercury from The Anybody (complete with an in-studio performance of “My Heart Beating”) and Derek, Nikki, and Jamie from Loon Choir which you can check out below:

Connor Mercury from The Anybody (click to listen, right-click to save file)

Derek, Nikki, and Jamie from Loon Choir (click to listen, right-click to save file)

And don’t forget: you can see Connor’s live acoustic set tonight at the Cajun Attic. Doors are at 8:30 and it’s pay-what-you-can to help the guy out (on his birthday!) as most of his recording equipment and instruments were lost in the Sunnyside fire a few weeks ago. On Thursday, Loon Choir hits the stage at Cafe Dekcuf on Rideau alongside Rah Rah (from Regina, SK) and The Sonic Defense (also from Ottawa).

If you’re looking for more to check out this weekend, you can catch some great acts like The Balconies, Dala, The White Wires, Monkeyjunk, and Sloan all for free at Westfest this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; and you can find Tokyo Sex Whale, Holy Cobras, Mother’s Children, and more at Gaga Weekend this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Get out there and support local music, kids. ‘Til next week!