Live session with Imaginary Cities + July 20 show rundown

Many thanks to Rusty and Marti, who dropped by the CHUO studios last week for a live chat and acoustic session — we weren’t able to post everything from the live session, but here’s one fabulous acoustic track:

Imaginary Cities – Hummingbird – Live at CHUO

And of course, all that was spun:

Dream Jefferson – Westminster Abbey
Handsome Furs – Damage
Socalled – Work With What You Got
Imaginary Cities – Where’d All The Living Go (Live at CHUO)
Imaginary Cities – Hummingbird (Live at CHUO)
Matthew Barber – Keep It Alive
Belgrave – Tokyo
The Elwins – Time to Kill Time
Hooded Fang – ESP

Don’t forget: Dream Jefferson plays Mavericks this Friday and Hooded Fang is in town next week to celebrate their album release! Snag all the info you need over at our Local Listings page. ‘Til next week!


Backlog #1! Our [overdue] June 22nd show rundown

Hey folks – long time, no… tunes? Have no fear, we kept the tunes spinnin’ as we were in and out of the live studio over the past few weeks (for anyone wondering, June 15th was a repeat of our June 8th show). Here’s what we

Timber Timbre – Woman
Jenn Grant – Baby’s Been Away
Braids – Lammicken
Snailhouse – Apple
Imaginary Cities – Say You
Northcote – Free Tonight
The Details – Voices Fall
Hooded Fang – Den of Love
Chad Van Gaalen – Do Not Fear
Dog is Blue – Dusty Bones

Many thanks again to Snailhouse and Jon from The Details for joining us over the phone for the show, too — we’ll get those interviews up as soon as the internet can find us a bit more space for hosting sound files.

Polaris season is very much upon us… June 8th show rundown.

We’re still riding the high that is having been on the air for just over a year now, folks! It’s super exciting. So exciting that, naturally, we had to play good music — some new tracks mixed in with some tracks from fabulous albums released over the last 12 months that I’m hoping have at least a shot at the Polaris Long List (out June 16th!):

Papermaps – Reunion
Braids – Plath Heart
Hooded Fang – Promise Land
The Olympic Symphonium – History
The Mountains and the Trees – Up and Down
Imaginary Cities – Hummingbird
Young Galaxy – Blown Minded
The Rural Alberta Advantage – The Breakup
Shuyler Jansen – Kill January
Okkervil River – We Need a Myth [WEEKLY IMPORT]
The Albertans – People Don’t Go
Sloan – Shadow of Love

Don’t forget — Shuyler Jansen is swingin’ through town soon, as are many other killer Canadian acts. Check out our Local Listings page for more info — and check out Westfest this weekend, too!

December 15th show rundown [Kalle Mattson set/interview to come!]

I should first note that I mentioned multiple times — including at the beginning of the show — that I would provide deets on The Details’ EP giveaway… and then promptly failed to do so. Oh, the restrictions of a mere hour of radio. Tell you what, readers/listeners — I’ll post a whole blog entry dedicated to the giveaway before the end of the week, have no fear.

We’ll post the Kalle Mattson live tracks and interview a little later today, but for now, here’s what we spun on the show:

Imaginary Cities – Hummingbird
Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk – Lady in the Yellow Dress
Phono D’Enfant – I Was Stung
The Acorn – No Ghost (Diamond Rings remix)
Rebekah Higgs – Drunk Love
Modern Field Recordings – Make a Life
Kalle Mattson – Shattered Minds (Live at CHUO)
Kalle Mattson – Singing Knives (Live at CHUO)
The Jon Cohen Experimental – Behold
Ketch Harbour Wolves – Photograph
Lovers – Figure 8 [WEEKLY IMPORT]

Stay tuned for the Kalle Mattson live tracks — and our Details EP giveaway! ‘Til then.