“We have all these underlying issues: we all went to high school together…” Feb. 22nd show rundown with Poor Young Things

We had a great time chatting with Matt, Mike and Dave from Toronto alt-rock group Poor Young Things (originally from Thunder Bay, ON) late last week about their current tour, their brand-spanking-new EP, and, well, the trials and tribulations of high school. They also selected some sweet tracks to spin, including The Trews (with whom they’ll be touring soon), The Arkells, and Teenage Kicks. Check out the entire show’s playlist and the interview below:

Poor Young Things – Blame It On The Good Times
The Trews – Every Inambition
Yukon Blonde – Stairway
Bahamas – I Got You Babe
Teenage Kicks – Middle of the Night
Silkken Laumann – On The Mend
Dan Griffin – Age of Empires
Arkells – Agent Zero
Samantha Savage Smith – The Fight
The Darcys – Josie
Poor Young Things – The Low Road

Chat with Matt, Mike and Dave from Poor Young Things (right-click to save, stream below)

Best of all, they’re playing in Toronto TONIGHT at the Horseshoe Tavern, and they’ll be hitting up Zaphod’s in Ottawa tomorrow (Friday the 24th) — be sure to head out and get your weekly dose of rock.


SONG OF THE WEEK: The Elwins, “Are You Flying With A Different Bird?”

Keswick, Ontario’s The Elwins release their highly anticipated debut LP And I Thank You today — and we here at Now Playing Radio couldn’t be more excited. This sunshine-soaked collection of 10 rollicking and retro-feelin’ tracks is the perfect cure for the February doldrums, and if the “sha-sha-la-la-la” opening to song of the week “Are You Flying With A Different Bird?” doesn’t snap you into a good mood immediately, you need to go eat a toaster strudel and have yourself a better morning. In fact, with this release, The Elwins are just like the toasted treat: packed with just the right amount of sugary goodness, drizzled in awesome and part of a complete breakfast.

The Elwins – Are You Flying With A Different Bird?

Listen if you like: this recent wave of throwback indie pop, Hooded Fang’s Album, sneaking Skittles for lunch (especially the red and yellow ones).

And for any Torontonians, or others planning on being in the Big Smoke this weekend, The Elwins are celebrating the release this Friday with The Meligrove Band, The Bicycles, and a DJ set with Tokyo Police Club after the show. In short: it’s going to be quite the party. Details here — but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on more upcoming show dates as they’re announced!

“This is therapy, right?” Feb. 15th show rundown with Spencer MacEachern and the Fabulous Yawn

We caught up with Spencer MacEachern of The Fabulous Yawn earlier this week to talk about — well, a whole slew of things. Finding inspiration on the street. Playing in a band with a bunch of your talented friends. The fact that, while there’ll always be Topanga (also the name of the band he’ll help open for next Friday), apparently Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt once upped the ante on ’90s primetime television. But perhaps most importantly, plenty of good music was spun:

The Fabulous Yawn – Compliments
Born Ruffians – Retard Canard II
The Elwins – Stuck in the Middle
Graham Wright – Heavens Just for Moviemakers
The Darcys – Shaking Down the Old Bones
The Meligrove Band – Racing to Shimmering Lights
Said the Whale – We Are 1980
The Fabulous Yawn – Summer Got Me Dirty

Check out the interview (and some Fabulous Yawn tracks) here:

(Right click to download)

And don’t forget to check ’em out next Friday night at Sneaky Dee’s for the Topanga 7″ release party!

SONG OF THE WEEK: Silkken Laumann, “On The Mend”

I know what you’re thinking — but no, it’s not the Olympic medalist we’re talking about here. Rather, Silkken Laumann is the electro-pop alter-ego outfit of Rolf Klausener and Pat Johnson of The Acorn and Adam Saikaley (of CBC Radio and independent endeavours). They released this single just yesterday, with a music video to boot, and the song can be all yours for a minimum donation of a dollar — the trio is donating proceeds to Ottawa’s Royal Mental Health Centre. So not only will the track make you feel good as you’re strolling down sleet-y February streets, but you’ll feel great knowing you’re supporting something important in the national capital community.

Silkken Laumann – On The Mend

Listen if you: enjoy any other electro-dance sounds coming out of Ottawa right now, a la Fevers and The Glass Chain; want some smooth synth beats you can digest during the day; have always wanted to dance to Rolf Klausener’s vocals but normally preferred listening to The Acorn while sitting down.

And hey, Ottawa: lucky for you, you can catch these guys at Ritual next Wednesday as they open for YACHT. Hit up Show Listings for more details.

“I find milk very suspicious.” Feb. 8th show rundown with Will Currie & the Country French

We met up with Will, Amanda and Stephen of Will Currie and the Country French this week to chat cupcakes, Kitchener-Waterloo and their current tour. Oh, and hot tubs and waffles. In fact, the second part of the show is probably one of the best interview segments we’ve ever had the chance to do. Check out both parts of the show below and if you’re in Ottawa tonight, be sure to head to their show at Zaphod’s — and wish Will a happy birthday!

Part 1 of the show:

Part 2 of the show:

What we spun on the show (some hand-picked by them):

Will Currie and the Country French – The Whale
Aidan Knight – Jasper
Bobby Bazini – I Wonder
Julie Fader – Goodbye Before Hello
Dan Griffin – Emily
Brett Dennen – Sydney (I’ll Come Running) [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Will Currie and the Country French – John Denver Haircut
The Barr Brothers – Beggar in the Morning

We’ll be uploading our show from a couple of weeks ago with Ottawa’s Fevers soon, too — and keep your eyes peeled to our show listings page, which will be updated this weekend!

SONG OF THE WEEK: Matt Paxton, “Shore Pine Walk”

We’re a little late on our pick this week, but better late than never, right? Hamilton singer-songwriter Matt Paxton (who’s over at Other Songs Music Co., home of another recent favourite of ours, Scott Orr — who also produced this song) released the single “Shore Pine Walk” just a few weeks ago — and I’ve already completely fallen in love with it. Best enjoyed on the iPod while walking by the water’s edge. If there are no appropriate shores in sight, it makes for a mighty fine late February night soundtrack. Oh, and guess what? It’s available for a free download.

Matt Paxton – Shore Pine Walk

Listen if you like: The Acorn’s Tin Fist EP; Graham Wright’s Lakes of Alberta EP; well-produced acoustic tracks that keep up a good beat; going for long, introspective walks on your own.

Stay tuned for our podcasted shows from the last few weeks, featuring Waterloo’s Will Currie and the Country French and Ottawa’s Fevers!