Reunited with live radio, and it feels so good. May 25th show rundown.

Lovely listeners, it was such a thrill to return to live radio today. And boy oh boy did we celebrate this return with some pretty excellent spins:

Austra – Lose It (Diamond Rings remix)
Winchester Warm – Surf’s Up
White Wires – Summer Girl
The Guilty Minds – Sand and Glass
Graham Wright – Soviet Race
David Myles – Gone for Long
Handsome Furs – What About Us
Handsome Furs – Repatriated
Zachary Lucky – Coming Back Home
Purple Ghosts – Can’t Dance
Sarah Hallman – Electricity
Cornwall – Snow Weather
Kathryn Calder – Slip Away

Don’t forget, folks: many of these fabulous acts are making their way through town soon — be sure to check out the Local Listings section so you don’t miss ’em! Join us next Wednesday at 1pm when we’ll continue our live radio rollercoaster of awesome — and keep your eyes peeled to this space to see when we’ll be bringing some more terrific live music to live radio!


So many awesome upcoming June releases. May 18th show rundown.

Was thrilled, as always, to spin some sweet new tunes on the airwaves this week, including:

Junior Boys – Banana Ripple
Raleigh – Tunnel Vision
Dog is Blue – Southern Ontario
All of The Above – Feather
Austra – Darken Her Horse
Snailhouse – I Never Woke Up
The Balconies – Kill Count
City and Colour – Fragile Bird
Kalle Mattson – Covered It All
Bon Iver – Calgary
My Dad vs Yours – En Plein Soleil

And hey — a bunch of these acts are making their way through the nation’s capital soon, so be sure to check out our Local Listings page to find out when and where you can catch some of this sweet, sweet Canadian music.

AND ALSO: we’re still selling our fabulous digital compilation, the SUB-BASEMENT SESSIONS, over at Bandcamp to raise money for CHUO — help us out and make a donation today!

AND LASTLY — and I’m super excited about this — we’ll return to live radio next Wednesday, May 25th, folks! Be sure to tune in as I have no doubt there will be live shenanigans to be had… or at the very least, more fantastic music.

‘Til then!

May 11th show rundown [and don’t forget about the funding drive!]

Once again, some fabulous spins (pretty crazy that Sloan and Sam Roberts both had new releases this week):

Sloan – The Answer Was You
The Albertans – Megan
The White Wires – Outta My Mind
Sam Roberts Band feat. Liz Powell – Longitude
Chromeo – Don’t Turn The Lights On
Pat LePoidevin – Mary
Jesse Dangerously – Bring Your Girlfriend to Rap Day
Kate Maki – Lose My Mind
Woodpigeon – Songbook/The Sound of Us Playing Together
Good Lovelies – Kingston
J.J. Ipsen and The Paper Crown – Helium Balloons
Miracle Fortress – Raw Spectacle

And you bet, that Woodpigeon track is off our SUB-BASEMENT SESSIONS a digital compilation of five fantastic tracks recorded by five fantastic bands/artists from Ottawa and across the country — it only costs FIVE BUCKS but if you can donate more, we’d love you for it! Money raised will go straight to CHUO 89.1 FM, in support of their 2011 Funding Drive. Please help us reach our goal of $200 — donate!

“We call him Paco the Taco Monster.” Chat with hotshotcasino and first FUNDING DRIVE SHOW, May 4th show rundown

Our first of two CHUO FUNDING DRIVE shows featured a lovely chat with Pascal, Gregg and Mark from Ottawa’s own hotshotcasino and some great Canadian tracks:

Dream Jefferson – Westminster Abbey
Long Long Long – Sure, Sometimes You Win
Library Voices – Haunt This House
Phantom Shores – Sunken Treasure
Matthew Barber – Ring Upon Your Finger
Polymaths – To See And Be Seen
Evening Hymns – Mtn. Song
The Guest Bedroom – Thread
Elliott BROOD – Northern Air

You can also listen to our chat with the boys:

And even a short piece that, er, made it to the cutting room floor. You’ll see why:

There was also more excitement this week: we’ve released our SUB-BASEMENT SESSIONS, a compilation of live sessions recorded at CHUO, featuring The Mountains & The Trees, Woodpigeon, Kalle Mattson and more! To get your hand on it, you only need to visit our Bandcamp site, and make a donation — minimum donation is $5 and we encourage you to pay-what-you-like. All funds will go to CHUO’s 2011 funding drive, so you can not only feel good that you’ve got your hands on some excellent tracks… but you can also feel great that you’re supporting community radio. Spread the word!

April 27th show rundown

Très exciting show last week, folks, featuring artists playing Westfest, the Jazz Festival, and Bluesfest this year (definitely check out those lineups!):

The Pack A.D. – Crazy
Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees – Trustfund
The Beauties – Hearts are Down
Hey Rosetta! – Seventeen
The Peptides – For Those Who Hate This World
The Murder Plans – Hurt Somebody
Hexes & Ohs – Looking to Fight
The Arkells – John Lennon
Mother Mother – Original Spin
Death Cab for Cutie – You Are A Tourist [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Black Keys – Everlasting Light [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Up From Below [WEEKLY IMPORT]
Jill Barber – Tell Me
The Sheepdogs – Please Don’t Lead Me On
Ohbijou – To Rest In Peace on Righteous Tides

THIS WEEK: The boys from hotshotcasino will be stopping by to chat about their upcoming Cinco de Mayo party, plus KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for a very special, very awesome surprise coming down the pipe from Now Playing for CHUO‘s funding drive! (Help support campus/community radio by clicking here.)